Highlights from 10/19/17 school board meeting

Congratulations, Eagles Football!
Forecast through FY2022 is strong
Learning facts, changing work, and Basic Income
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Here are the highlights from the 10/19/17 school board meeting:

  • Revenues and expenditures are at expected levels for this time of the fiscal year.
  • Mulberry Elementary was the 2017 “Best in State” school in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge! Students read over 260,000 minutes – WOW! Congratulations!
  • The Curriculum & Instruction department presented a video on the Work Readiness Initiative. Liz Emmons has been working with local businesses and students to provide internships and other career exploration opportunities. This is a great way for students to explore what happens in the day-to-day in various jobs so they have more of a sense if it’s what they want to pursue or not. With the high cost of college and other post-secondary options, especially if a student chooses a path s/he is ultimately unhappy with, this is more important than ever. Many thanks to Ms. Emmons and the numerous businesses helping to make this program a success for our students.

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