Highlights of 12/14/17 and 1/18/18 school board meetings

Superintendent’s Report
Board approves BAC recommendation to commence branding effort
Too much screen time is, indeed, not good for you
Athletic Update

Extracurricular Update

The holidays took over in December, and I never did get the 12/14 meeting information out – so here it is, along with this month’s update. Operations in the Milford EVSD continue along a strong and steady path – thanks to our administrators, who have directed us toward continuous improvement in both educational results and fiscal management, we have now had years headed in the right direction.


  • We recognized Fall Athletes and Coaches in Cross Country and Football – congratulations to you all for a fantastic season!
  • The board and administration recognized Gary Knepp, who finished his second 4-year term this month. Thank you for your service, Gary!
  • The board approved the continuation of the Full Day Tuition Kindergarten Program for the 2018-2019 school year. Several years ago, we began offering this full-day option. Families are finding it very helpful and demand has increased. We will increase sections if required. Tuition will remain at $3,000/year, with reductions for those meeting criteria for the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch Program.
  • A new position – Director of Fine Arts, Activities and Assistant Athletics – was approved. Athletic & Extracurricular Director Mark Trout has worked to manage all programs for a number of years. Especially in a relatively large district such as Milford, this is too much for one person. We have therefore split the job in two. Cost for this position is partially offset by the current supplemental contract for the junior high assistant athletic director position, which will be rolled into this new position.
  • The board also approved hiring a Comprehensive Mental Health Support Specialist. It is important to have mental health support for our students for a variety of reasons – from general stress to much more serious issues. We have previously outsourced these needs to Child Focus, who provide excellent personnel. However, we feel it will be more effective to have our base be our own, in-house person for consistency. Additional support, if required, can still be provided through outsourced personnel. While the board approved just the position this month, in January, we hired William Cates, effective Jan. 1, 2018.

1/18/18 (and 1/8 Organizational Meeting)

  • At the Organizational Meeting on January 8, 2018, George Lucas was named President and Debbie Marques Vice President. New board member Chris Hamm was also sworn in. Welcome, Chris, we are glad to have you!
  • The board approved transferring funds from the Building Fund to the General Fund, and then to the Permanent Improvement (PI) Fund, as the building project for Seipelt and Boyd were closed out. This happened so much after the buildings were finished because of state reporting and other requirements. The $1.6 million now in PI will be used for build-out of the new administrative offices (in the old Milford Library building) as well as maintenance of other buildings.

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