Too much screen time is, indeed, not good for you

Does spending too much time with a screen – playing video games, on social media, texting, even watching TV – decrease happiness? Many people are likely to say of course – and now a new study among 1 million 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students has proven this out.

Interestingly, the study found teens who spent a limited amount of time with electronics were the happiest, showing that these new methods of communication can enhance our lives, if used correctly. However, too much screen time does lead to what we all inherently understand; and to put it simply, too much screen time is not good for you.

And of course, research suggests this is true for adults as well.


2 thoughts on “Too much screen time is, indeed, not good for you

  1. Andrea
    To say too much screen time is not good for you isn’t really saying much at all. The fact is that too much screen time can cause permanent harm to an individual. That’s especially true for those in their formative years. That’s when humans are capable of acquiring essential social interaction skills they’ll need to function with others. That can only happen through live vis-à-vis experiences that teach us how to truly know each other. Though no formal research has been completed so far. There are alarming signs of harm already done to younger Americans who now depend on their screen for companionship. Not only not good. But tragically disastrous.
    Tom Cannon

    • Tom, agree completely that there are many long-term consequences with too much screen time – although as you say, no studies have been done, so we cannot yet say this absolutely. I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek with the “not good for you” comment, but perhaps I missed the mark on that. Thanks for the comment.

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