Resolution Supporting School Safety

Resolution Supporting School Safety

I agree with everything this resolution says – but I feel it’s the back end of what needs to be done. Without question, we need to be unrelenting about finding ways to increase safety in our schools. However, I feel we also need to take a step back and do more work on the real problem: what is causing the problem in the first place?

There is lots of data out there on all the various reasons behind our epidemic of shootings, positive and negative on each. I do not understand why our government will not support the research needed to determine which of this data is accurate; what other countries are doing that we are not; and how we can work to reduce the number of incidents.

If our federal government will not put together a commission, then will our Governor, or our other elected officials?

I do support this resolution, but even more so, I encourage us all to stand up and ask for the research we need to solve this problem for good.


2 thoughts on “Resolution Supporting School Safety

  1. Andrea
    The resolution starts off with this statement.
    “WHEREAS, school violence has become an EPIDEMIC in the United States of America;”
    So where are the statistics to back that up? There is no epidemic. I think we all know that this resolution is about guns. And the epidemic it refers to are shootings. Visit this web site and see if you can find this so-called epidemic. The records go back a long time.
    No one disagrees that school safety is necessary. But introducing a resolution with a grossly false premises is not the way of accomplishing anything. It most often does the exact opposite.

    Tom Cannon

  2. The people that do these shootings are cowards as they always select soft targets such as schools, churches, movie theatres, etc., where there is a slim chance they will run into any resistance. In my opinion, until society understands that the bad guys will ALWAYS have guns and the only way to deter the violence is to harden the targets of these individuals, these shootings will continue. The big question is how to harden the targets?
    A friend of mine is a deacon in his church and told me the other day that there are three combat veterans in their congregation that attend services carrying handguns, and are seated in strategic locations in the church so as to provide open shooting lanes to anyone entering the building with the intent to shoot up the place. I think it is a sad day when a congregation needs protection of this manner while worshiping God, but it is also a practical solution to the problem. Yes, arming teachers may be an option, but will they actually pull the trigger and take a life? Very heavy question. Should the decision ever be made to allow any individuals to carry weapons in the school buildings to protect the staff and students, what happens if a student or staff member is shot accidently while one of these armed individuals is responding to a shooting situation? Is he/she liable? Could they live with the fact they took an innocent life? This is a VERY heavy topic that needs extensive research and debate before implementing a solution that places guns inside the schools.
    Just as many families place alarm system signs outside of their houses in an attempt to keep burglars from breaking in, should the schools advertise the halls are patrolled by armed and trained security personnel in an attempt to prevent a shooting incident? Is the mere threat of an armed response enough to keep these cowards at bay? I don’t have the answer, but doing nothing is not the answer either. Much input and debate is needed to arrive at a proposal that our community is comfortable with and supports.

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