Thank you & best of luck, Treasurer Debbie Caudle!

Treasurer Debbie Caudle is leaving the Milford School District to become a regional manager for the Department of Education. The good news is she will still be involved with Milford; the bad news is we will greatly miss her as our Treasurer.

I’ve had the pleasure to serve on the Finance Committee with Mrs. Caudle for all but one year of her time here. I was so impressed with how she approaches not only the mechanics of the job, but with finding new ways to explain confusing school finance topics to board members and the public. This is a very important function of the Treasurer’s role, as it’s crucial that those not versed in these difficult concepts are able to understand what is happening with our school funds.

Mrs. Caudle was here as we finished fighting our way out of financial trouble, providing great advice at every step. She is creative, supportive, and always willing to look for new solutions. She has been responsive and transparent, and truly committed to our district.

We thank Mrs. Caudle for her hard work in helping put Milford on a strong financial path, and we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor!


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