Business Advisory Council recommends creating task force to explore later school start times for MHS/MJHS

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a board-appointed committee consisting of local businesspeople who help the school district by researching specific issues in career preparation and other business-related questions. Last year, the board asked the BAC, under the direction of Chair Geoff Pittman, to research later school start times. They presented their results at the May 10, 2018 school board meeting.

The research is very clear that later school start times lead to better health and often better performance for junior high and high school students, whose circadian rhythms shift to later times (at night and in the morning) when they hit the teenage years. However, in a large district such as Milford, moving school start times can be a challenge due to transportation costs and other factors.

Based on a wide variety of information the BAC found, they recommend the district appoint a task force to explore creative options for moving school start times, ideally to 8:30 am, or at least later than the current 7:15 am. The administration will be putting together this task force to investigate options and next steps.

View the BAC’s presentation here.


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