Worried about job loss to Artificial Intelligence?

While many people worry that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will replace jobs and leave many without a career option, a recent study by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that, over the next 20 years, AI will actually create more jobs in the United Kingdom than it will replace – great news!

From this article in The Guardian, “AI and related technologies such as robotics, drones, and driverless vehicles would replace human workers in some areas, but also create many additional jobs as productivity and real incomes rise and new and better products were developed, PwC said.”

Based on the economy of the United Kingdom, healthcare and social work would see the most job growth, followed by professional, scientific and technical services, including law, accounting, architecture and advertising firms. Manufacturing would be the biggest loser, followed by transportation & storage, public administration & defense, and administrative/support services.


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