District implements new procedures to increase safety

A Safety Task Force, consisting of teachers, administrators, two board members and local law enforcement and fire department leaders, including some staff members who are also parents in the district, has been evaluating Milford School’s safety protocols and making recommendations over the past six months.

At the August board meeting, the board reviewed the regulation that outlines certain protocols fulfilling Board Policy EB and its sub-policies. Board policies are written to meet law and school district requirements. They are generally broad; regulations are then written to execute upon these broad policies. The safety policies include a number of regulations that outline specifically how our students and staff will be protected.

Regulation EB-R-2 outlines new policies regarding family lunch with students; and volunteers/chaperones. Guests are permitted to attend lunch with students only if they are listed on the Emergency Medical Authorization, and they will sit at a “family table” with their student. Guests must call ahead and make an appointment for lunch.

All volunteers and chaperones who will be working directly with children and not under the direct supervision of a Milford staff person are required to have an Ohio BCI background check. Mr. Johnson has sourced a way for volunteers to complete their background check through the district at a cost of $25.

The board and administration understand these regulations make participating in your child’s school more cumbersome. However, safety must be our first priority; these recommendations come directly from our First Responders on the Safety Task Force to help increase safety for all our students and staff.


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