Board approves resolutions to prepare for option of running bond issue in May 2019

Over the past few months, the Milford school board and administrators have been investigating options to run a bond issue in May 2019. This bond issue would replace the Junior High School and complete other construction work in the district. No decisions have been made yet – we are still researching and discussing – but in order to have the chance to run a bond next May, the board had to pass six resolutions at the November meeting.

These resolutions do not commit the board to running a bond, but they do start the process in case that decision is made. They also allow the state to evaluate how much our district would be able to support in bond debt.

A final decision will need to be made in January 2019. As more information is gathered and options become more defined, the district will be sharing information, whether or not the board decides to approve the bond issue.


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