Highlights from 11/15/18 school board meeting

Board approves resolutions to prepare for option of running bond issue in May 2019
Milford School District is proactive and conservative in how it runs its business

Here are the highlights from the November 15, 2018 school board meeting:

  • Milford Superintendent Nancy House and High School Principal Josh Kauffman awarded a high school diploma to Clell P. Steagall, posthumously. Mr. Steagall was forced to leave school to serve in the military. Since we were unable to locate his family, his diploma will be displayed in the case in the entry of MHS.
  • The board approved a resolution to create a Veterans Wall of Honor in the outer vestibule to the board meeting room. The Wall will feature a video display and plaques with the names of those who were killed in action or died during service from other causes.
  • The district presented troop boxes to Diana Lawrence of Troop Box Ministries. The boxes were donated by students, and Mrs. Lawrence says Milford always donates enough boxes to cover six months’ worth of shipments overseas.

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