Highlights from 1/17/19 school board meeting

Milford school board places bond on May 2019 ballot
District continues to investigate changing school start times; option for juniors/seniors will be implemented next year

Here are the highlights of the 1/17/19 school board meeting:

  • The district added two new positions – both mental health interventionists – to support our students.
  • New courses for 2019-2020 are being added at Milford High School and the Junior High. After surveying students, topics such as oceanography, forensics, and field ecology were identified. These courses teach valuable skills and information within formats and topics that are of interest to today’s students. In addition, we are adding two AP classes (bringing our total offerings to 28): AP Computer Science A and AP Physics I – Algebra-based. AP Computer Science A is part of an IT pathway at the University of Cincinnati that feeds directly into an internship after a student’s senior year that allows the student to earn credits and earn funds to cover college costs; it is also the next step for students who have taken AP Computer Science Principals and want to continue on that path. Algebra-based AP Physics allows students who are not taking calculus to access physics. It is the equivalent of a first-semester introductory college course in algebra-based physics and is applicable to 60 careers and 18 college majors. At MJHS, STEM Investigations has been added, which will consist of design thinking, biomedical engineering, mathematics, and computer science.

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