Highlights from 2/21/19 school board meeting

Milford Schools Master Building Plan: How did we get here?

Here are highlights from the 2/21/19 school board meeting:

  • Director of Personnel John Spieser presented an overview of how the district hires teachers. Teachers are of course an extremely important hire, as they make a direct difference for our students; and since the district screens over 150 potential teachers a year, process is extremely important. The system used ensures all candidates are asked the same questions and are screened for fit within the district as well as academic qualifications. It has proven very successful – the district has over a 96% retention rate, even including those who have moved out of the area or who have changed careers!
  • This year, a highly successful new class was implemented at Milford High School: the Mentoring Program. This is a class that came directly from student input: two years ago, Superintendent Nancy House held focus groups with all seniors. One thing that came up consistently was they wished to have the chance to “give back” to the elementary schools. This class was created out of this wish, allowing seniors to visit Seipelt Elementary and mentor students. It has been so successful that it will be offered to juniors and seniors next year, and students will visit two elementary schools.

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