Highlights from 3/14/19 & 4/18/19 school board meetings

Common questions about the Milford Schools bond issue
Cost of proposed Middle School
Milford Schools Master Building Plan: How did we get here?

Here are highlights from the 3/14/19 & the 4/18/19 school board meeting:


  • The high school added another student activity – Junior State of America. This is an organization that builds leadership skills and helps students understand the world around them, including how government works and how to serve your community. JSA believes in leadership, empowerment, accountability, and diversity & inclusion – all traits that will help our students succeed in the future. The club has been running already this year and has done very well!
  • The board hired Aaron Zupka as our new high school athletic director. Previous high school athletic director Mark Trout has moved to the junior high. Mr. Zupka will start July 1, although he says he’ll be working well before then! Welcome, Mr. Zupka!


  • Board president George Lucas addressed the lawsuit against the district filed by Rachel Richardson. The suit alleges the district held private meetings to decide on the FC Cincinnati situation. Mr. Lucas stated that just because a lawsuit is filed, this does not mean it is accurate. No other information may be shared at this time since the suit is in process.
  • The district said goodbye to two long-time administrators: Missy Borger, who not only spent 13 years getting an education and graduating from Milford, but who then did her student teaching here; became a teacher; and served as principal at Seipelt and Pattison for 15 years… and Don Baker, who came here early in his career, serving as a principal at Seipelt and McCormick before becoming Coordinator of Special Education last year. Congrats to both of these talented educators who have given their professional lives (and much of their personal energy as well) to our Milford Schools students!
  • Tiffany Selm was hired to take Mrs. Borger’s place as principal at Pattison Elementary. Mrs. Selm has worked as an assistant principal in the Forest Hills school district and is a Milford resident. She brings a wealth of knowledge and skill which will benefit our students and families greatly in her new position!
  • Information on Open Enrollment was presented by Superintendent House. An article on this is to come.

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