Student Investment can lead to increased achievement

I have been part of some intense discussion lately about how Milford Schools addresses the changing needs of students, finding ways to motivate and engage students to a higher degree. Continue reading


“Externships” not likely to happen

A topic of fervent conversation as Governor Kasich’s new budget recommendations are released has been the idea that teachers perform “externships” as part of their license renewal process. While the details are not fleshed out, the idea would be that teachers spend a certain amount of time shadowing at a business to learn what skills are needed for students as they graduate and enter the workforce. Continue reading

Highlights from 1/12/17 school board meeting

Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

This was a very quiet month for the Milford Board of Education. Below are the highlights from the 1/12/17 meeting, as well as the Organizational Meeting held 1/5/17: Continue reading

Where are the jobs?

Slides courtesy of United Way

Two weeks ago, as part of the Alpaugh Scholars program through the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Ross Meyer of the United Way. He discussed many issues related to education, including what education ideally leads up to: a job and career. Continue reading

Highlights from 9/15/16 school board meeting

Visioning process will help define future for our students
Do Makerspaces fit in Milford High School’s vision?
Seipelt memories

Boyd memories
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Here are highlights from the 9/15/16 school board meeting: Continue reading

Visioning process will help define future for our students

As we look to the future and the completion of the Master Facilities Plan (replace the Junior High School and finish renovating the un-renovated portions of the High School), a group of administrators, teachers, parents, community members, and school board members are going through a Visioning process – what does education look like for our students, to succeed in a global marketplace with technologies – and challenges – we can only dream of? How do we use our facilities to support the type and style of education needed as we prepare our students for this future? Continue reading

Do Makerspaces fit in Milford High School’s vision?

The world is changing so rapidly, it is hard to predict what jobs our children will have when they graduate in even just a few short years. In fact, it will be our children who are creating their brave new world, with technology we can only dream of today.

That is why the “21st Century Skills” – Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Collaboration – are so important. Creating new pathways to meet community needs will require new ways of thinking and the abiiity to work together, taking advantage of diverse skills. Continue reading