District implements new procedures to increase safety

A Safety Task Force, consisting of teachers, administrators, two board members and local law enforcement and fire department leaders, including some staff members who are also parents in the district, has been evaluating Milford School’s safety protocols and making recommendations over the past six months. Continue reading


Highlights from 7/19/18 school board meeting

District implements new strategic plan, Portrait of a Graduate
Worried about job loss to Artificial Intelligence?
Superintendent’s Report
No Athletic/Extracurricular reports in July

Here are the highlights from the July 19, 2018 school board meeting: Continue reading

Resolution Supporting School Safety

Resolution Supporting School Safety

I agree with everything this resolution says – but I feel it’s the back end of what needs to be done. Without question, we need to be unrelenting about finding ways to increase safety in our schools. However, I feel we also need to take a step back and do more work on the real problem: what is causing the problem in the first place? Continue reading