Business Advisory Council seeking members

The Business Advisory Council explores questions related to the business operations of the school district.

Mr. Geoff Pittman, the 2017/18 Chair of the Business Advisory Council, is looking for several more people to join the Council. If you have interest in serving with fellow businesspeople for this year, please contact Mr. Pittman at gwp.atty @


BAC recommends selling Milford South

Last year, the Milford Business Advisory Council was tasked with a two-part project consisting of evaluating if the district should trade land/building with the Clermont Public Library; and then, when they recommended taking the current Milford Library branch building and moving administrative offices there, evaluating the best course of action to take with Milford South, where those offices are currently housed. Continue reading

BAC recommends moving board offices to Rt. 131

The Business Advisory Council (BAC), under the direction of Chair Chris Hamm, was tasked with making recommendations on what the school district should be doing with Milford South and the board offices, which are currently housed at South. One consideration is the district will be receiving the current Milford branch building of the Clermont County Public Library. The library system had approach the school district a number of months ago, asking for a land swap: a piece of unused property from Mulberry Elementary in exchange for their land & building on Rt. 131. Continue reading

District works with local businesspeople & community

By Debbie Marques, former Member, Milford School Board and candidate on the ballot this November

On Monday, August, 24, I attended the Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting. The main agenda item was reviewing the extensive research around options for the Administration/Board of Education office. Continue reading

District, Library to swap land

A few months ago, the Board of Education tasked the Business Advisory Council (BAC) with evaluating the relative value of trading a portion of the land in the Mulberry Elementary area owned by the school district for the land on which the current Milford Branch of the Clermont Public Library sits (on Rt. 131). At the May 21 meeting, Chris Hamm, Chair of the BAC, presented the BAC’s recommendation. Continue reading

BOE approves sale of Milford Main

The Milford Board of Education approved the sale of Milford Main tonight to CMC Properties, the same company that developed the Riverwalk Flats apartments & condominiums in downtown Milford, as well as many properties in Greater Cincinnati.  Details on the sale can be found here. Continue reading

Ideas for Milford Main are welcomed

This is my report on the Business Advisory Council at the September 19 board meeting:

At last month’s meeting (story here), Tom Rocklin, Chair of the BAC, presented some recommendations from the council on what to do with Milford Main.  Based on expensive building maintenance needs and the inability to use Milford Main for the district’s ongoing educational purposes (the cost to update the building to meet regulations is just too great to justify the investment), the Council recommended the district divest itself of Milford Main as soon as practical.

First, I’d like to stress that the BAC simply recommends to the board – the board can choose to act or not on what they suggest, and no decisions have been made or even discussed re: Milford Main. Continue reading