Highlights of 1/21/16 school board meeting

Milford students performed well on last year’s revised state standardized tests
New technology will enhance student differentiation & achievement
City of Milford buys property from Milford Schools
BAC recommends selling Milford South
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Highlights from the board meeting follow here:

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The Main Event

by George A. Lucas, Member, Milford Board of Education

Milford Main Street School, built 1913, community icon, enduring years of faithful service to the education of Milford/Miami Township students. Many have speculated on the disposition of this community landmark since 2002 when the State of Ohio declared it an unacceptable educational facility. The two studies, over a ten year period, by the Business Advisory Council (BAC) concur with those State findings. The Ohio Schools Facility Commission (OSFC) declared Main unqualified for renovation and return to service not conducive with the Master Facilities Plan filed in 2000. The Board of Education (BOE) has attempted to balance the cost of operation to continue a useful purpose through leasing useable space. Unfortunately, for several years, Main has cost the district to remain in use. Continue reading

Update on Milford Main; no plans w/funding have been offered

Top: one of the oldest photos of Milford Main, courtesy of Bill Stockland, MHS class of '63 and his http://www.billstocklandphotography.com/

Top: one of the oldest photos of Milford Main, courtesy of Bill Stockland, MHS class of ’63 and his http://www.billstocklandphotography.com/. Thanks also to Marvelous Milford (linked to photo) for use of the photo collage.

Last July, the Milford School Board accepted an offer of $250,000 from Jim Cohen of CMC Properties (the developer of Milford’s Riverwalk development) to purchase Milford Main for development, based on the contingency of receiving zoning for his proposed usage. He outlined a plan called Milford on Main, a senior apartment complex that would host 92 units on the Milford Main site. He would have memorialized the façade of the current Main building by constructing a bell tower using the “Boys” and “Girls” elements from that building. Continue reading

District seeking plans for Milford Main; cost to renovate is at least $7 million

For more information on how we got to where we are with Milford Main, click here.

Since the MEVSD once again has Milford Main in our sole possession, we are searching for options to sell the land and/or land w/building. The School Board is asking that any proposals for Milford Main, including a financial plan to make the proposal happen, be submitted to Dr. Farrell either through email or mail to 777 Garfield Ave, Milford, OH 45150.

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BOE approves sale of Milford Main

The Milford Board of Education approved the sale of Milford Main tonight to CMC Properties, the same company that developed the Riverwalk Flats apartments & condominiums in downtown Milford, as well as many properties in Greater Cincinnati.  Details on the sale can be found here. Continue reading

District will seek community input on Milford Main

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) presented its final report on Milford Main to the Board of Education.  The BAC has been working over the past year and a half to talk with stakeholders, potential buyers/developers, construction companies, and others to gather information about the state of the building and its potential for various other uses.

Based on what the building can generate in income and what it costs for everyday operation expenses, the building is currently “plus a dollar, minus a dollar” every year in terms of breaking even.  Continue reading