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When my husband and I first starting coming out to the Milford area to visit Rouster’s Apple House 24 years ago, we had no idea we’d not only end up living here, but feeling like we were truly “home.”  We moved to Miami Township in 1993, then to the City of Milford in 1999.

As graduates of Ohio public schools ourselves, neither of us ever questioned that our daughter would go to public schools.  When we decided to leave our home in the woods so she could grow up in a neighborhood, we briefly considered leaving the Milford school district – but almost immediately decided against it.  We just felt this was where we belonged.

I got involved with the school district in 2003 when my daughter was in kindergarten.  A friend asked me to help with that year’s levy campaign, and I discovered I had a passion for working in the public education sector.  I joined the Business Advisory Council and was then involved with several community groups during a trying time in Milford school’s history.  I also worked with the district to provide supplemental curricular-based options for our elementary students:  a column writing contest in conjunction with the Community Press; and a newspaper program at five elementaries.

In 2009, I decided to run for the school board; I was gratified the community elected me to serve, and I’ve done my best to represent the entire community and encourage our district to be the best it can within what our community can afford.

Work-wise, I have owned a marketing consulting company for the past 21 years, and I currently serve as the outsourced Director of Communications for the Indian Hill school district.  I also have another company that provides an online “game,” MyFear Zapper, which helps children build self-confidence by teaching them how to face and overcome fear.

This blog represents my views as a Milford school board member.  Please get in touch any time if you have questions about me or the school district.  Thank you for your support of Milford schools!


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