MHS recognizes 2014’s Top 25 academic students

Top25_allEvery year, Milford High School recognizes the Top 25 students based on their grade point averages.  This represents the top ±5% of the class – a huge achievement!

This year’s Top 25 were accomplished and committed to making the future better than the now.  They are looking toward careers in politics, medicine, business, international studies, engineering, chemistry and other areas.  In their videos, they had positive outlooks on their futures and their time growing up and in Milford Schools.

The 2014 Top 25 academic students are (in alphabetical order):

Bailey Sam


Sam Bailey, The Ohio State University, mechanical engineering


Barringer Ryan


Ryan Barringer, Northwestern University, chemistry



Brown Tyler


Tyler Brown, Miami University, business



Cooper Chandler


Chandler Cooper, Mississippi State University, chemical engineering



Darpel Kaitlin


Kaitlin Darpel, undecided



Doty Amber


Amber Doty, The Ohio State University, engineering



Eveland Kellie


Kellie Eveland, University of Toledo, social work



Giltmier Andrew


Andrew Giltmier, The Ohio State University, molecular genetics



Gottsacker Erin


Erin Gottsacker, The Ohio State University, communications & music



Harris Jenna



Jenna Harris, The Ohio State University, biochemistry



Hartley Max


Max Hartley, Georgetown University, international business, finance & government



Helton Ty

Ty Helton, The United States Military Academy at West Point




Hooker Corbin


Corbin Hooker, Vanderbilt University, political science, chemical & bimolecular engineering



Jofriet Alex


Alex Jofriet, University of Cincinnati, biochemistry




Kennedy Haley


Haley Kennedy, Indiana University, international business, marketing & management, Spanish culture & language



Langsschwager Charlie


Charlie Langschwager, University of Kentucky, materials engineering



Mills Anna


Anna Mills, Wright State University



Netzel Elizabeth


Elizabeth Netzel, The Ohio State University, nursing




Perkins Brennan


Brennan Perkins, The Ohio State University, biological studies




Prather Nick

Nick Prather, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology




Rigney Clare


Clare Rigney, The Ohio State University, biomedical engineering, pre-med



Romick Elijah

Elijah Romick, Liberty University, undecided




Schroeder Katrina final


Katrina Schroeder, The Ohio State University, biomedical engineering



Sester Lauren


Lauren Sester, The Ohio State University, business, Arabic & Spanish



Young Megan


Megan Young, The Ohio State University, political science & law



* Thank you to Meg Krsacok, Communications Coordinator for the Milford School District, for the majority of these photos *


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