MEVSD grants diploma to Korean War veteran

At the school board meeting last week, the school district had a very special surprise for one of our local veterans.

Lou Lasley left school at 15, believing his services were more needed for the Korean War than in the classroom. Now, many years later, 86-year-old Lou has received his high school diploma, and he is officially part of the “Flock!”

The diploma was a complete surprise, set up by fellow board member Gary Knepp and his father, Bill Knepp, who are long-time friends of Lou. Lou believed he was coming to be part of the general veteran recognition ceremony where local veterans were presented with Certificates of Recognition for Service, not to be singled out and to receive a diploma after all these years.

Both Channel 12 and Channel 5 covered the event.

To lead into the veteran recognition ceremony, Milford HS ROTC presented the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance; HS Art Teacher Janelle Schunk’s “New Voices” Outreach Program played a video on the 8-week photography program they did with veterans in downtown Cincinnati, with seniors Mariah Knepp & Conner Singleton presenting; HS Choir Teacher Tracy Carpenter’s group, the Milford Chamber Singers, performed “America the Beautiful” with Kate Gardin as soloist; and Band Teacher Brian Brown’s student, Natalie Brady, performed “Taps.”

The Junior High had also collected items to pack boxes for Troop Ministries, and they presented 430 boxes to the organization!

It was a great night, really bringing home how much our veterans sacrifice for their country and all of us.


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