It’s election time again

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been writing this school board blog for four years now.  I started it in September, 2009 as I began my campaign for school board, and I’ve posted about the district virtually every month since.

That’s a lot of articles – if you visit my old blog, you’ll see the long list of them (and you’ll understand why I started this new blog!)

I have chosen to seek a school board seat again for the next four-year term.  I feel we have achieved a tremendous amount in this current term, and I’d like to help address some of the challenges and opportunities we will be facing.

I’ve chosen to run a joint campaign with Gary Knepp, who served on the school board from 2008-2011.  He left the board for two years as he finished writing a couple books, but would now like to return also because of what will be happening in the next few years.

Gary and I have also partnered with David Yockey, who has been a school board member for 12 years now.  Dave, Gary and I have developed a respectful, supportive relationship, with each of us bringing different skills, knowledge and perspective to the table.

The Knepp/Brady campaign website can be found here.  On it, you can see Gary’s and my backgrounds & accomplishments, the challenges we believe we are facing, and our blog.  Dave’s website can be found here

I will not use this site as a campaign site, other than this article to introduce my campaign and a few guest blogger articles over the next five weeks.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.  I ask for your support for Brady, Knepp & Yockey on November 5!


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