Highlights from 8/21/14 school board meeting

MEVSD is currently in great financial shape!
New 3-year contracts approved

Elementary building project on schedule; community forums in Sept.
Why you can’t afford to waste your 20s
Athletic Update August 21, 2014

These are the highlights from last week’s school board meeting:

  • The board approved a new Policy Handbook. Over the past year-plus, board members and administrators reviewed each policy in conjunction with policy services through the Ohio School Board Association (OSBA). All policies are now in line with law and district practices. In the past decade, the board has fallen behind in keeping up with some policies. The intent with the addition of a policy committee last year is to make sure we are reviewing policies on a rotating schedule, as well as using the OSBA monthly policy update service to make sure we are current in other recommended changes.
  • The board also approved SMART goals for 2014-15. These are always set up as stretch goals: attainable but still a long shot. Dr. Farrell will be presenting our success vs. last year’s goals in September when official results are released. He did share that while we did not reach the Performance Index stretch SMART goal of 107, we did move significantly from the 105.1 the year before. This year’s goals focus on providing technology professional development to 100% of classroom teachers to positively impact student learning; improving student achievement for all students during the school year, resulting in more than a year’s growth; strengthening professional environments; and providing professional development to support teaching strategies that will improve student learning.  View the full SMART goals here.
  • The shed by the Junior High is finally being replaced! This has been a problem for a long time due to size and structure. The shed will be moved and that area will become more parking at the JH.

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