Highlights from 1/22/15 school board meeting

High school service requirements changing
Athletics Update
Extracurricular Update

  • Financials for the 2014-15 fiscal year are on track. We are halfway through the year, and spending is at 49% of allocation.
  • Treasurer Debbie Caudle will be refunding several series of bonds to improve rates and reduce cost. Up to $2.4 million could be saved for taxpayers. We will know final interest rates and options in March.
  • Summer camp child care fees and tuition rates are increasing 10%. This is the first increase in a number of years. New rates are here: 05 Ext Day Tuition rates and Summer School fees Jan2015
  • Following Milford High School Principal Mark Lutz’s resignation – he wants to return to teaching and coaching – we are in the process of searching for a new HS principal. We have several good candidates and will be interviewing them through a committee consisting of teachers, administrators, a board member (myself), a parent, and a student.
  • All-Day Kindergarten registration has opened. There are 144 spots for All-Day, and 84 people are already anticipating being part of the lottery. There are appr. 6 slots at each school for free/reduced families. The tuition of $3,000 is required because of how the state classifies Milford – we are considered a “rich” district, so we do not receive funding for an all-day program, since it is not required by the state. We have tried to keep tuition as reasonable as possible with the goal of simply breaking even; this tuition level is less than most other programs that charge tuition.
  • Operations Manager Jeff Johnson asked the board to approve several resolutions to allow only certain types of items to be used for things such as access controls, network electronics, temperature controls, and telephone VOIP in the new elementary schools. While there will be multiple bidders, we will accept bids for only one type of equipment. This is to ensure systems are compatible with what the district already uses, which reduces cost and increases efficiencies. Since he has joined the district, Mr. Johnson has increased the quality and decreased the cost of our district-wide controls.
  • New internship programs will be offered next year: one with Wellington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine and one with Siemens. These will allow students to gain real-world experience and “try out” work in certain careers. Students will receive credit and the program can be structured in a couple different ways. During the public participation session, a resident who works in construction spoke and said his company would also be interested in participating with an internship program. Interested students should speak to their counselor to learn more about any of these opportunities.
  • Science teacher & astronaut Steve Heck is retiring after this school year to focus on his other ventures. We will greatly miss him but thank him for all the wonderful opportunities he has brought our students!

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