Where are the jobs?

Slides courtesy of United Way

Two weeks ago, as part of the Alpaugh Scholars program through the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Ross Meyer of the United Way. He discussed many issues related to education, including what education ideally leads up to: a job and career.

jobs-availableOne thing he stressed is that our region has jobs open right now – if you have the skills. As of today, there are over 85,000 people who are jobless, but almost a third of them could find work, if they had the proper training.

where-are-the-jobsTraining will only get more necessary as our economy moves to higher tech and skilled positions. This is especially true to move people out of poverty levels and into jobs that provide a supportive living. But training can take many forms. While 4-year college degrees are still extremely beneficial for some jobs, others may require only a 2-year (associate’s) degree, or even specialized training in programming or other skills. This graphic shows how quickly various industries are growing, as well as provides relative earning potential for each. The farther right an industry is, the faster that industry is growing; in addition, the higher on the chart, the more that industry pays on average.

The Milford School District is working with the Clermont Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to understand where workforce needs are headed, which will help us guide our students as they make choices for their futures. We are also working to provide more and more internship or other career opportunities to our students to help give perspective on what direction they may want to take.


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