Class rank regulation changing beginning next year

Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, a new class ranking policy will be in effect. This regulation changes several things vs. the current regulation.

First, Junior and Senior honors classes will have a GPA bump added to grades C and above of .025/semester. This is an increase vs. the current .015 added per semester. Freshmen and Sophomore honors classes will remain at .015, and add Advanced Placement (AP) classes remain at a bump of .03/semester.

Second, under the College Credit Plus program, any college course – taken on a college campus or online – will be weighted at AP levels, if the course is determined to be equivalent to a Milford Honors or AP class. This is per changes in state law.

Third, we are moving from recognizing the β€œTop 25” at graduation to recognizing students based on the Latin designations of Suma Cum Laude (weighted GPA of 4.25+). This does not limit the recognition of top students to just 25, but gives any students who are able to achieve a GPA of 4.25 or higher the chance to be recognized. In addition, students will be recognized for Magna Cum Laude status for achieving a weighted GPA of 3.8-4.2499 (unrounded) and Cum Laude of 3.5-3.7999 (unrounded). These GPAs are determined at the end of 7 semesters (end of first semester senior year).

Finally, requirements for Valedictorian and Salutatorian (first and second in the class) have changed slightly. These two positions are determined after 8 semesters (end of second semester senior year). These students must have been enrolled as a Milford High School student for their entire senior year; must meet the state criteria for an honors diploma; and will be determined as first and second based on weighted grades for all 8 semesters. If the students ranked first or second do not meet the first two criteria, the student with the next highest grade point average who meet the criteria will be named.


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